When Do You Really Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?


You’ve probably seen a lot of commercials about hiring a San Diego car accident attorney. You may have also been told that the best time to hire a car accident attorney is the moment you get into an accident; otherwise, you might pass the time limitations that will leave you disqualified to file a lawsuit against the part who is at fault during the accident. The problem is, if you have a very specific case, this cannot be discussed by the ads you see on the TV and the websites offering free information. This is why it always helps to hire a San Diego car accident attorney right away in order for you to know the next steps which you need to do when it comes to handling your car accident troubles. The truth is, a lot of car accident cases can be resolved without a car accident attorney because the only ones that are considered when it comes to checking out if you need an attorney is if there is a clarity of liability, meaning, both parties know and the situation shows who is really at fault during the accident. Also, the injuries are also to be considered.

Once you do not have any clarity on who is liable during the accident and you don’t know how to evaluate your claims to the insurance company. These are the basic things that you need to watch out for if you are still contemplating on hiring a car accident attorney. There are other factors wherein you will need serious help from your car accident attorney. If you are given an amount by the adjuster of the insurance company which you feel is too low compared to the amount that you should be getting and if you are offered a structured settlement instead of a lump sum payment, then it’s high time to get a car accident lawyer to negotiate for you. Sometimes claiming of lost wages is also difficult which is why you will have to hire a car accident lawyer as well. If you want more information about the services you will get from hiring a car accident attorney, try these San Diego car accident attorneys today!

You will surely be relieved that you have someone who has legal experience when it comes to handling car accident cases. You never have to be in the dark about what you need to do. Visit this great San Diego Car Accident Lawyer firm today!

DUI Charges for 2nd Time Offenders

DUI cases


Many individuals seem to forget that there are certain consequences when it comes to driving under the intoxication basically because they can get away if they try to drive as normally as they can. The sad thing about driving under intoxication is, individuals who get involved in this kind of crime have a higher risk of getting into an accidents and this is because the alcohol influences the mind in a way that it may not think straight. This is exactly why there are strict state laws when it comes to driving under the influence of alcohol or any type of drugs.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or other prescription or nonprescription or illegal drugs has become the main cause of deaths and injuries from accidents on the roads. Here’s one amazing fact that you may not know: almost half of the number of the people who got killed during the September 11 attack on the twin towers are under the influence of alcohol? This only proves that it is just right to implement the state laws when it comes to DUI offenses. California has very strict state laws when it comes to DUI. The California state laws are strict when it comes to adult and teenager cases of DUI and being charged of DUI would have very heavy punishments even on your first offense. If you have been an offender of the DUI law, then you would very well know the punishment, but it’s a different story if you talk about DUI offenders for multiple times! For example, if you have been found guilty of 2nd offense DUI, then you may be facing 18 to 30 months of alcohol treatment, up to 1,800USD in fines, 96 hours to a year of jail time, 2 years driving license suspension, 3-5 years DUI probation and would be given an ignition interlock device which will be installed in any vehicle registered to your name.

From the penalties above, you would know that you won’t have as much freedom as you did prior to your 2nd DUI offense. When this situation arises, you would definitely have to call the assistance of a Los Angeles DUI lawyer to help you with your DMV hearing so you can have lighter sentences! Call Los Angeles DUI Pros today as they can assign a great Los Angeles DUI lawyer to help you with your case! Visit their website today and find out how you can get your free initial assessment!

Compensation for Injuries – A Company’s Responsibility

I have handled a lot of compensation cases wherein employees found in high-risk areas like construction sites and industrial factories are injured while in the line of duty. The injury is severe that it no longer allows them to be functional in the workplace or it forces them to miss out on several days, weeks, or months’ worth of work. Companies, by default, should compensate their employees whenever they are injured. In my line of work, I find myself dealing with clients who’re forced out of their work schedules because they are injured and to add insult to injury, they are not properly compensated by their companies.

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Last year, I handled a case wherein a truck driver of a construction site was impaled when steel rods fell from a crane 10 feet above his vehicle. He almost died and the nerve damage to his left arm was severe because the rod struck a critical spot. He lost mobility of his arm and he was forced to quit. He was not paid a dime, except for the medical treatments which amounted to tens of thousands of dollars. Upon investigation, I saw that the crane operator fell asleep on the wheel and the company found him liable for the accident. Long story short, I won my client’s case and he was awarded $100,000 for compensation and a guarantee that he will be able to work after rehabilitation. The company held their end of the bargain and hired him as an administrative aide.