Have the Help That You Need in Taking Out Your DUI Record Off Your Name!



Are you going through a DUI charge? First, you have to understand how DUI charges can affect you in order for you to understand how you are going to fight it off. There are actually two types of record that you get when you have a DUI charge. You get a driving record with a DMV and you get a criminal record. This only means that DUI charges are no laughing matter because they can have long term consequences on your life! When you get a DUI charge in California, you will definitely have a driving record within 10 years but the criminal record will stay there your whole life but that can be changed if you will apply for expungement or to have the record removed through the court system.

The hardest part of going through DUI is if you don’t have the records expunged, you may have difficulties in looking for jobs or applying for universities because the records will always show on your background checks. Since there isn’t anything you can do about a driving record but to wait for it to be lifted after 10 years, all you have to do is to focus with application for an expungement of your criminal record. The good thing is expungement is possible in California! Expungement is the reopening of a DUI case so it can be retried and dismissed. It is possible provided that you qualify for the eligibility requirements. First, to be qualified for a DUI expungement, you have to complete your probation and pay all fines and go through the restitution. On top of that, you have to make sure that you will not be committing any driving or criminal offenses. Usually, this is done by DUI lawyers. However, you have to get the best lawyers to help you out to increase your chances of getting your case expunged in court. DUI charges can make looking for a job impossible because they will always see your record. However, hiring a DUI attorney will be extremely helpful as you go through the charge because they can arrange for a plea deal or they can help you through your expungement hearing so you can take out the DUI record on your name after you get convicted!

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