How Liable are Contractors?


“The employer or contractor cannot be liable when he or she got their bases covered.” Johnson Wayne –

General contractors are often liable for what happens to their men in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if they’re in the construction area of a 100 storey building or a 2 storey house. A contractor becomes liable when he or she doesn’t enforce the safety regulations of the workplace or fails to secure the safety of the workplace entirely. One noted instance is when I sued a contractor because an employee nailed himself to the wall with a nail gun. During the investigation, it turned out that the nail gun was faulty and we found out that the contractor provided for the materials.

Of course, the employer or contractor cannot be liable when he or she got their bases covered. The implementation of safety guidelines is a way for contractors to weasel their way out of impending lawsuits because it would then look like the employee was the one negligent, and as harsh as it may sound, the contractor has no legal obligation to help out unless given instructions by the head of their construction company.

Construction accident cases are very fickle and challenging because it takes a lot of paperwork and it causes unwanted delays on construction projects. This is why contractors cover their ground with notarized waivers and contracts.

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